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If two heads are better then one, then just imagine what a whole team of skilled professionals with a
variety of expertise can do for your business? Stop thinking about it, act!

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Beginnings are hard. Setting up your business may seem like you have a mountain to climb - and all by yourself. But when you have a team of people ready to back you up… then, as the song says, “there ain’t no mountain high enough” . We are that team, gathered around one goal: to help you grow your business.

WhiteCitySoft is a Belgrade-based digital agency providing professional services for new and well established enterprises. We take care of everything relevant to get the wheels of your business turning. There is one thing you need to know about us: we don’t settle with “acceptable” or “good” but strive to deliver your project beyond the ordinary.

Let's see what can we do for your business

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Business Strategy
  • Business Model Canvases
  • Resource Planning
  • Values Definition
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Product Strategy
  • Process Development
  • Operational Management
  • Product Roadmap
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Brand identity
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity & Logo Design
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User Experience
  • Process Conceptualisation
  • Wireframing
  • Sketching
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User Interface
  • User interfaces
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile App / Web Design
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Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Bug Reporting
  • Monitoring
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  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • CMS Development
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Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • SEO & SEA
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter and Google Ads

Our vision is to create a meeting point in reality between our clients and their business ideas. It has been executed many times, thanks to following our mission, which resolves around increasing digital presence, creating, designing and developing websites and applications, creating online shops, managing social networks and business analytics, as well as validating ideas for startups.

... and here's how we do it


Collecting information and putting it into perspective

Exploring your idea is the first step towards reaching your goal. This is when we use questions; our primary tool for removing the unknowns from the equation. In this stage, we explore your vision and goals. Getting an elaborate insight into these aspects of your business sets the base for our further actions. The next step is a meticulous examination of the market. Conquering the realm of the unknown results in creating vibrant audience personas. By doing this, we get to know what the end users want and how to make that happen.


The first encounter between you and your idea in reality

Now you can witness your conceived idea being born. We present you with the initial sketches and medium-fidelity prototypes which paint a vivid picture of your new product. Then we validate the concept with the target audience because we don’t believe in assumptions but facts. In short, with us, there’s nothing about your project that is being left to chance.


Because it has to look flawless AND work the same way

How things look and feel matters. Our criteria for design and functionality are impeccable. Solutions tailored to fit your needs perfectly is how we – you and us – present your idea to the target audience. Such solutions include branding, games, interactive ads, print and responsive sites. What we do here is captivate the audience's attention. Then, we impress them with how things function. Our development team doesn’t rest until everything works like a charm.


Close inspection, not rolling the dice

Did you know that faulty software, discovered and fixed in post-production phase costs 100 times more than when its defect is found in the development stage? We are aware of that fact, and our vigilant QA team is always on the watch to intervene whenever it's needed.


We’ve climbed your proverbial mountain together and now we’re here!

Brace yourselves, for this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! The initial idea has now become a reality. Even though we’ve reached this peak so many times, we are still excited every time we witness the moment when the original concept sees the light of day.


Good enough is never good enough

Believing in constant progress is one of our core values. That’s why we don’t go to sleep after the launch party is over and leave clients on their own. We stay awake and identify opportunities for making things better. That makes us stand out in the crowd.

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What clients are saying about us

“WCS are detail oriented, and designed our site with excellence.
Dejan is a warm individual and went out of his way to make us happy.”

Evan G. Meyer, Founder of Beautify Earth

Beautify Earth

“A great team that is always there to act quickly and efficiently,
help and recommend a new technique to increase sales! Good job team, just keep going!”

Dušan Miljanović, CEO of Mixal


“The team has the breadth of technical expertise across a wide range of capabilities and leading technologies to provide the best solutions for our needs.”

Paul Fusco, Founder of The Travel Guide Group

The Travel Guide Group, LLC